The Services Offered By Our Agency

Skilled Nursing Services: Initial need and care evaluation, Monitoring of vital signs, Medication administration, Injection/home IV infusion therapy, Feeding tube care, Ostomy care, Indwelling catheter care, Surgical wound & wound vac care, Decubitus ulcer care, Diabetic care, PT/INR monitoring.
Physical Therapy: We assist our clients in regaining their mobility through exercise, body mechanics, balance training and /or training in the use of assistive devices or ambulation support equipment.
Occupational therapy: We help our clients who have been injured, undergone surgery or acquired a mobility limiting disability after an accident. The treatment enhances our client’s ability to ease into a new living situation or working condition.
Speech Therapy: We help our clients develop their communication skills. This is ideal for those who have cognitive deficiencies, hearing difficulties, speech impediments/memory problems.
Medical Social Workers: We assist our clients in accessing community resources, counseling, emotional and social support, and assist in short/long term planning.